Song for the Koala

by Dave Norman

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The track is written to help the Koalas in South East Queensland. It was written about my first encounter with a Koala in the wild who was looking over some land which had just been cleared for building.
Profits raised from this track will go to the Queensland Koala Crusaders Association to help purchase land for a Koala Sanctuary.


Song for the Koala

I am a koala, I sit up in my tree,
Look down upon the ground where my homeland used to be,
Where once were trees and bushland I just see urban sprawl,
And it makes me wonder, what’s the future of it all.

People say we’re ‘cuddly’, they say we are so ‘cute’,
Sleep most of the day, don’t drive about in utes,
Don't form any councils or keep no vicious pets,
In fact the kind of animal it’s easy to forget.

So goodbye to the bushland, goodbye to the trees,
Why won’t anybody come to rescue me,
If I were a Kangaroo I’d surely hop away,
But I’m just a Koala so in this tree I’ll stay.

We are a national icon, you'll see us on a flag,
Or as a cuddly toy or even on a badge,
And if things don't change dramatically, another thing that's true,
Is the only place you'll see us is in your local zoo.

People need their homes, we all know that is true,
And koalas in their trees also need theirs too,
We must learn how to compromise, just learn how to share,
Or show future generations that we really didn’t care.

In another few years we could all be extinct,
Now isn't that just something to make you sit and think,
From all of the statistics, they think that it’s for sure,
You'll be part of the problem if you aren't part of the cure.

Dave Norman Dec 2013


released February 7, 2014
Lush Studios & Chris Graham Mastering




Dave Norman Brisbane, Australia

Environmental acoustic singer/songwriter. Founder of the Mango Hill & North Lakes Environmental Group (find us on Facebook !) I have been heavily involved in the fight for the local wildlife and particularly the Koala for around 3 years. Songs seem to be a great way to get the message across to everyone. We're lucky to have such amazing wildlife in Australia, let's protect it ! ... more

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